Featured Artists

At Chuckanut Bay Gallery & Sculpture Garden in Bellingham Washington, we feature the work of over 400 artists.

Below are some of our featured artists.

Stephen McMillan

Throughouthis life, Steve McMillan has been inspired and sustained by the naturalworld and spends much of his time outside. Whether it's a bike ride in theBellingham area countryside, or a week-long backpacking trip in the HighSierra, he is renewed and invigorated by being in and moving through landscape.It is this sense of renewal that he seeks to share with others.

Beki Killoran

Beki Killorin, received most of her training in art in her home state of Oklahoma. Twenty-five years of artistic growth through the mediums of oil, ink, acrylics, collage and watercolor led her to the Pacific Northwest! From her studio she has been able to devote full time to the developments of her prints and further refine her skills in her beloved medium, watercolor

Jennifer Bowman

Jennifer Bowman is an award winning northwest artist who has been exhibiting and competing professionally for the past 16 years. She has shown throughout the Puget Sound region, Arizona, California, and Mexico. Her work can be found in both private and corporate collections locally to international collections including France and the Netherlands.

Ron Pattern

This Bellingham resident is a visual artist, primarily a painter, always fascinated by the world around and challenged by capturing light and shadow, texture and expression, mood and drama.

Marie Powell

Marie Powell has been an artist on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State for many years. After a 19 year high school teaching career, she now devotes her time to creating her beautiful pastels, oils and mixed media work. Recently Marie has focused on printmaking, producing vibrant original works of art known as Monotypes. Marie divides her time between the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and New Zealand, and her work is influenced by the people and environments of both countries.

Rob and Janis Adamson

Owners of Island Art Glass, Robert Adamson & Janis Swalwell are in our 55th year of glassmaking, and for the last 25 years have lived and worked from our home studio on Whidbey Island, WA. Surrounded by wetlands, pasture and forest, our work in glass is inspired by the beauty of the natural world around us.

Working for many years with a close team of glassmakers, each with their own special contribution to products handblown and sculpted, Island Art Glass offers giftware, glass designed for garden and outdoor use, and custom lighting. Visit our studio and garden, and our giftware and lighting showrooms.

Andrew Holmberg

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Andrew’s inspiration comes from his childhood always outdoors and in the family garden. Andrew now works out of Portland, Oregon and is happily complimenting nature’s beauty with his glass, one garden at a time.

James Hardman

James Hardman lives in an old cabin on the windy north shore of Orcas Island, where he enjoys the company of bald eagles, harbor seals and white-tail deer. James pursues a variety of creative interests, including painting, printmaking, sculpture and music.

Frank Kazmerek

Basically a self-taught artist, Frank has worked with various media including watercolor, etching, acrylic painting and silkscreen printing. His work reflects his passions for sailing, golf and architecture. The work is realistic, yet each image relies more on mood rather than a specific place or object for effect

Tony Turpin

From my earliest recollection the landscape was a source of wonder, and various landscape artists were inspiration to me as I sought a direction in my work. Initially my quest was for control of media to make paintings of things as they are in nature --especially the wide expanses of the west and northwest. I was interested in illustrating those scenes primarily. In 1966, I began more formal studies at Art Center School in Los Angeles. My primary instructor there, Lorser Feitelson, introduced me to the world of the "moderns", and it was soon thereafter that I became fascinated with abstract expressionism and American art of the 20th Century. While I continued to be captivated by the "realists", I devoted much time to experiments with shape and form in purely non-objective compositions using a variety of materials mixing a wide range of media.